The heart of our wines begins with our vines.

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Our Wines

Stop by and enjoy a wine tasting with our lovely Iowa wines. Try a leisurely wine flight if you would like to relax and savor the wines. .


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We would be happy to help you with suggested wines that you might like to pair with tasty foods.

Dry Red Wines

  Leon Millot: A dry red wine with a robust dark berry and blackberry bouquet and finishes with a jammy light oak finish.   $15.00

Greatful Red: This lively dry red wine is multi-layered with complex fruit of crushed berries and plums. The fruit is heightened with hints of oak spices, clove and allspice with a lovely soft finish.   $15.00

Noiret: This dry red wine has a graceful yet profound entrance of blue and black fruit that leads to a light smoky center and finishes with a slight white pepper finish.   $15.00

Frontenac: Frontenac is a dry red wine that has a spicy herbal aroma with dark berry fruit flavors that are enhanced by the oak nuances of light clove, chocolate and smoke.    $15.00

Baco Noir: The rich dark fruit flavors of blueberry, plum and dark cherries paired with the aromatics of cedar, chocolate and leather couple together for a smooth sultry finish.   $15.00

Seven: This medium bodies dry red wine greets you with a big juicy red fruit bomb then casually draws in the essence of light smoke, spice and chocolate for a lingering lovely finish.   $15.00

Marquette: Coaxed from this finicky grape varietal are deep intense dark berry flavors, hints of cherry, blackberry and light spice.   $15.00


Dry White Wines

Seyval Blanc: A light dry white wine which begins with hints of vanilla and almonds and reaches a light herbal buttery finish.   $13.00

Genesis: A light dry white with essences of apricot, white peaches, pears and citrus fruit. This bright crisp wine embraces your mouth and lingers long enough to satisfy your palate.   $13.00


Espiritu: A snappy, fresh, citrusy sweet wine with green apple, pineapple and pear notes ending with a lingering clean, crisp finish.   $13.00

Trinity: A blended table wine that begins with a fruity bouquet of dark berries and finishes with light cherry and citrus notes.   $13.00

St. Pepin: This lovely semi-sweet white wine embraces the influences of ripe juicy peaches, apricots and pears.  $13.00


Frontenac Blush: This blush  wine has a delicate strawberry aroma and continues with a  playful  cherry flavor with subtle kiwi and floral notes.   $13.00

Edelweiss: A sweet white wine that begins with  a slight  fruity  aroma which reveals a light, sweet pear and fruity taste.    $13.00

Holy Grail: This sweet white wine is a union of our Esprit and Edelweiss grapes. In our quest to create a wine worthy of this name we married the bright, crisp pear notes of our Esprit grapes with the mild mandarin orange and light pineapple characteristics of our Edelweiss grapes.   $13.00


Revelations Red: A sultry dark berry bouquet reveals it's romantically sweet and lush flavor. This wine leaves a smooth finish that snuggles closely to one's side.    $18.00

Revelations White: A floral, fruity bouquet greets you as an introduction to this wine and leads you to a sweet, creamy citrus finish.   $18.00

Revelations Ruby: An intense berry bouquet and fruitful wine with big juicy dark cherry, blackberry and fruit notes.   $18.00



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